Know That I – A Brother’s Poem

Brother know that I prayed for you that night
When your heart was on the line
When your heart was set on motion
When I held you and knew that I was there for you
Know that I felt your pain
Know that shed tears for you
Know that I prayed for you

I wrote this for a brother of mine when they were in a moment of pain.
Thank you, Zac Zinn

Thanksgiving Without My Brother

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I have a small story for you about why family is most important to me.

When I was growing up, my brother and I didn’t get along at all. Being seven years older than me also didn’t help either. He was into punk, I was into Backstreet Boys…I know…I know…
But it was a strained household at times and I could say to myself, I had a brother but also didn’t at the same time. There was no brotherhood there, no meaning behind it. Just someone who liked to boss me around.

Then comes a few years after he graduated high school. He’s going into the army. All of the sudden I felt like I was losing a brother that I kind of never had. We started hanging out, becoming friends and knowing each other. It helped that I dropped my whole boy band phase.

In the weeks leading up to his basic training departure, I had more of a brother in those weeks than I ever did my entire life.

Now here we are another six or seven years later, he’s deployed into God knows where, we’ll spend Thanksgiving away from each other.

But there’s just one thing that I’ll say: the army may have physically taken away my brother for long periods of time,  but without it,  I may have never found him at all.



Happy Thanksgiving
Miss you bro