Lost In The Fray

It’s been way, way too long since I’ve written anything at all, and I apologize. Here’s something to make up for lost time, lyrics for a song I’m working on. 

I’m sifting through day and night 

Disappointment creeps in the fight 

Try to find the meaning in 

This life of mine, can I ever win 
Lost in the world, where are you? 

Turn the corner, there’s nothing there 

Lost in myself, where am I? 

Turn the page and discover it’s blank 
Looking for love like a vagrants meal 

The more I search, the less I feel 

My faith is strong, this I know 

But I’m holding my breath for the final blow 

Heroin Girl

In order to fill the silence of my week long writers block, here are some lyrics I wrote a few days ago

Beautiful girl
Know that I’m your man
As you’re my girl
Know that I am yours

I look into your bloodshot eyes one more time
Hoping that you know
What you mean to me

Heroin girl
There’s something about you
Something that draws me in
I hope and pray in my time away
That you find peace and happiness

I look into your bloodshot eyes one more time
Hoping that you’ll come through
Knowing that I’m holding you

Brave one
Will you take the drive with me?
Take that leap of faith
Like you’ve never done it before
Peace and be still and know

I look into your eyes one more time
Hoping you see everything I feel
Hoping you feel everything I feel

Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn