She Was, She Is, She Will Be

I am undoubtedly sorry for this because despite my every attempt to be true, fierce, and honest, I as the writer of this short trivial piece, will fail you.

When she came into view and sat down in my car, the feeling that said I was right where I was supposed to be washed in and around me and brought a smile to my heart that only mirrored slightly on my face. I hoped that she felt the same.

I could go on about the specifics of the night but for you, the reader, it doesn’t matter. What I want to tell you is how beautiful she was, how beautiful she is. Even though it’s been some time since I’ve seen her, every strain of thought somehow winds itself back to her.

I could tell you in every cliché how perfect she was. I could say that her imperfections were perfect for me. I loved maybe a subtle scar on her face, or a birthmark. She could have had a tattoo visible somewhere on her that she regretted. And we laughed when she told me the story of how it came to be.

But this has nothing to do with loving imperfections. It has nothing to do with perfections either. It has everything to do with her. What was her, what is her, and what she will be. I thought of everything I don’t know about her. Every moment in her life from the time she crawled on floors to learning to tie a shoe, to learning to drive a car has changed her into who she is now in front of me. Every exchange, conversation and action affected her and made her into who she was underneath. And although this can be said about anyone, even myself, it was her that somehow walked into that place at the exact time that our paths would cross.

They say there are chemicals in your brain that trigger the feelings of love and lust. And I don’t argue that at all, I’m sure it’s all true. But how does that lessen the impact of someone who makes those chemicals rage inside your mind?

I told you at the start that I would fail you as a writer. And true to my word, I have. I’ve set out to describe the one you love. The one I love. The one, maybe, I will love. But songwriters, poets, and artists will always fail trying to pin down love because it’s only when you can understand, explain, and define something, it loses significance and meaning. I can’t explain love, I will never understand it, and I will flail in attempts to define it. We can only give examples in fiction.

But when I look at her, when I was there in her presence, laughing and sharing stories, I’d like to think that for one fleeting moment that passed by so quickly, I saw love. She was, she is, she will be.IMAG0037.jpg

There’s A Man Standing In Your Closet

So I wanted to write a really creepy poem, here it is

There’s a man standing in your closet
He’s breathing deep
Whispering unknown words
His cheek twitches at his muscle’s spasm

There’s a woman standing behind your window
Her nails tap against the glass
Hoping to gain entry
Black drops from her eyelashes

There’s a child playing hide and seek
He’s lying underneath your bed
He’s not laughing with glee
He’s trembling from the searching beast

There’s a man standing in your closet
His grunt travels through the house
He sniffs at the air when your scent reaches past the door
He reaches for the door when he hears the floorboards press under your feet


Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn

Rhyme & Reason


Yes I know this is a dark and depressing poem. I’m not one of those guys that lives in dark and terrible poetry.. However I’m in a point of my life where things are rather dark. So like why writer, I turn to words express myself.
Here is Rhyme & Reason

There is no rhyme
All I am is losing time
There is no love
It flies away like a fleeing dove

There is no reason
Just another fading season
There is no plan
I’m just a wandering man

This isn’t the year
It will shed the same tear
Where is my ever after
It’s lost in the wind with my childhood laughter

Thank you
Zac Zinn
Photo by yours truly

Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn

This I Know For Sure

Looking back on a life so short
But so much has changed
At least I can say
I’ve enjoyed the road so far

Every day was the same
Small changes
But it was all very much the same

Most days are the same
More worry and less fun
I start to turn around

Could be the same
But I know one thing
I know one thing for certain

It won’t be like before
This I know for sure

Lifetime Friends – A Short Poem

Lifetime friends
Never ceasing
Never ending
But today I saw the closing chapter
Of my book called Adolescence
Today I saw the beginning of the next book
It was called Adulthood
My friends were replaced with strangers
This is the feeling
My childhood ending in a fitful sleep
This is it
The writer will write his epilogue
And then – The End

Thanks – Zac

Six Days of You

Here’s a Sunday love poem
Thanks for reading, Zac

You say you smile when I smile
But darlin, I laugh at night knowing you’re mine
A simple smile cant describe this
If only I could stay in this bliss

Six days of you
Talking for hours because we could
Pretending we had a chance
But this was only a short run dance

You say you don’t have the words
But that’s where I fail too
I tell you everything but there are no words not yet made
To tell you of my weightless heart when I look into your eyes

Six days of you
Holding you for minutes because I needed to
Pretending this would last
But this would only be
Six days at last


It’s An Amazing Journey

In conclusion of this year

What has changed?
Where does this leave us?
I can only answer this for myself

It’s an amazing journey
Filled with so much love
And so much pain

There is a song
Playing every day and night for us
In sadness and delight
It plays whether we choose to hear it

It’s an amazing journey
Filled with so much love
And so much pain


Know That I – A Brother’s Poem

Brother know that I prayed for you that night
When your heart was on the line
When your heart was set on motion
When I held you and knew that I was there for you
Know that I felt your pain
Know that shed tears for you
Know that I prayed for you

I wrote this for a brother of mine when they were in a moment of pain.
Thank you, Zac Zinn

Trust In Doubt

I wrote a poem I while back about all the doubts I was having in life.  Thought I’d share it with you lovely readers, have any of you written a mellow/sad poem? Let’s hear it!

Trust in Doubt
I’ll try not to curse
But I do it anyway

I try to bring honor to your name
But I pile the dirt on your gravestone

Each day past
I take into account

Another day gone
Another day closer

The fears of death and dying
Follow me daily

Gaining a new sense of living
I found myself still wasting time

I don’t count myself blessed
I don’t count myself cursed

I take in
I ask questions but hear nothing in return

The doubt leaves me
But could it be worse when it’s gone?

I saw that next chapter in my life
I want it so badly

But the characters that played my friends
Are replaced with strangers

I see it all coming apart at the seams
All that’s left is doubt

Thanks everyone and remember, 
All writers are a part of a family striving to find the question marks in their head and make them coherent words on a page. I’d love to hear from you.


Zac Zinn

Old Building, Where Is Home?

I wrote this about an old church I used to years ago. Everything was changing and the home I called that church for my childhood and adolescent years became a strange building.
That home turned into a building.


Old Building,  Where Is Home?

I thought when I walked into this building 
That I could call it home 
I thought it was away 
Away from the sickness of this world 

I thought when I found shelter in this building 
That it would welcome me, all of the time 
Time has proved me wrong 
As the seasons change 
This building has turned bitter 
As it seems, only to me 

Where is my coat? 
Have you taken it? 
Where are my shoes? 
Have you stolen them? 

I hope to guard my heart 
Before it is stolen as well 

Thank you