Walter Died

This here is Walter, say hi.


So I totaled my car the other day. Without going into the menial details, it wasn’t my fault and thankfully the insurance companies agree. However I found, and find myself rather sad about saying goodbye to my friend Walter. Yes, his name is Walter. Yes, it’s a HE.

Insert insecure gay joke here because I named my car a guy’s name…

But I’m curious to know how naming an inanimate object somehow gives it personality. Why am I attached to a car? I gave it the name Walter and assigned it a personality that doesn’t exist. I imagined the car having a mind of its own, fighting through the hot and cold seasons just to get me to where I needed to go when in reality it was just a series of metal and plastic pieces with no heart at all.

Is it because I’m a writer that I pretend to personalize a car? Is it because I’m young? I know I’m not the only young person to name a car or get hung over one when it gets trashed.

I call it a combination of the two, which is a double whammy unfortunately for myself. I think younger people are searching for so many things that they name vehicles to fill a void that hasn’t been filled by something more significant yet. Either that – or they do it because they’re bored.

I can only look at myself as an example. I’m single, besides my writing career which is taking its sweet time getting started, I work a crappy job and still struggle to support myself. There is a lot to be desired in my life. I have long friendships that blossomed in adolescent life, but in the shadow of adulthood, are dwindling down to but embers.

I took pictures of Walter because I wanted to remember him and the memories we shared. I had many life changing conversations and experiences within him. I went on my only vacation with my best friend and drove to Kentucky on 3 hours of sleep. I drove to North Carolina to meet my brother on a whim and went to countless shows. I took pretty girls on dates and got to fog up the windows on a few occasions. From my perspective, I should feel a degree of friendship with the car. I spent fragile years of my life with him. He was my bro. And in the end, he protected me when someone decided to be Pennsylvania’s dumbest driver.

People don’t do these things later in their life because they have filled those voids. Maybe my next car will have a name, maybe it won’t. I can only assume that when I have a car that doesn’t have a name, it means I’ve moved on to some degree.

But I’m young, and I’m a writer. I like adventure; anything to make life more interesting than it is. So here’s to you Walter, you magnificent bastard – here’s to the years I spent trying to figure myself out with you.




Reverberations – A Poem


I feel deep reverberations from the trembling in my heart
It ripples through my chest and travels to the corners of my body
Lifting me with hope of a better tomorrow
Drowning me with memories of yesterday

The waves of yesteryears wash over me
High tide will be the death of my hollow whole
Only my hand reaches the surface
My lungs burn as I’m losing this fight

I’ve cried wolf too many times
At what I thought heartbreak felt like
Little did I know they were tremors
Compared to the earth quakes and hurricanes inside me

Do I plead for help from above?
Or try and swim myself to the air?

Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn

Life Just Kind Of Keeps Going

You know life just goes on and the time doesn’t slow down. Whether the days go by slowly or quickly, the years will go by quickly.
It causes me to reflect on the people who used to be in my life.
There is a quote that I wanted to work into some place in a piece and I guess it fits here.
Don’t stand still. Keep moving.
I’ve seen how life can wash over a person. Keep moving and love the people you love more than you did yesterday.

There’s my closing thoughts before I pass out

Thanks, Zac

Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn

What’s It Matter To You?

To anyone reading this, tell me what’s it matter to you?


What does it matter to you?
It’s the stare from a beautiful girl’s eyes that leaves me frozen in a chaotic heaven
It’s the embrace from a faraway brother that makes me want something more than life
It’s the searing guitar strings that penetrate the caverns of my soul
It’s the words that hide inside my heart that evade my attempts to find them
It’s the love I have to give but no one to receive it
It’s waiting for the stars to align and leave me speechless

So tell me, what’s it matter to you?

Thank you for reading
Zac Zinn

Half Passed Ten

I walked away again
I thought of you half passed ten
They say to me you’ll come around
But tell me, tell me when

I can’t wait too much longer
I won’t run too much farther
I’m running out of steam
In this never ending dream

I saw your face on my phone
I waited for the dial tone
They tell me to find the next girl
When each one takes a piece out of me

I came to find you alone
I wrapped my arms around you
You told me what I meant to you
Now tell me is that enough

I came to find your door closed tight
I saw it coming, I suppose
Still it hurts, this I know
What I’m saying s’I have to go

Live Your Life

Advice from myself for myself and others,
Stop being ashamed of who you are. Embrace who you are and if you’re not happy about something then change it. What’s in the past is gone. It doesn’t define who you are. What you do now defines who you are. Now what he said or what she said.
Stop doubting decisions and second guessing. Take the initiative and regret nothing. Life isn’t stopping for regrets.
Step up and live your life.

This I Know For Sure

Looking back on a life so short
But so much has changed
At least I can say
I’ve enjoyed the road so far

Every day was the same
Small changes
But it was all very much the same

Most days are the same
More worry and less fun
I start to turn around

Could be the same
But I know one thing
I know one thing for certain

It won’t be like before
This I know for sure

The Idea Of You – A Poem

I just wrote this minutes ago in a moment of inspiration.
You know life can be pretty rough sometimes. Everyone knows it. Well, I found myself in a moment of reflection and sadness and I didn’t have a guitar, so I wrote this..

I’m trying to justify to myself that I shouldn’t feel this way
People don’t feel so attached to others after such a brief time
However I find myself surrounded by sadness and only my words to vent it all

Maybe I’m only missing the idea of you
What if the worse part of this is simply the idea
But what if it’s specifically you?

I’m not sure what’s more haunting
I just can’t shake this feeling of being owed by some higher being

I know it’s a foolish thought
My journey should produce fruit right?
Well I’ve planted the seed my entire life
I’ve planted and watered

When do I see the fruit I can touch?

Lifetime Friends – A Short Poem

Lifetime friends
Never ceasing
Never ending
But today I saw the closing chapter
Of my book called Adolescence
Today I saw the beginning of the next book
It was called Adulthood
My friends were replaced with strangers
This is the feeling
My childhood ending in a fitful sleep
This is it
The writer will write his epilogue
And then – The End

Thanks – Zac

Six Days of You

Here’s a Sunday love poem
Thanks for reading, Zac

You say you smile when I smile
But darlin, I laugh at night knowing you’re mine
A simple smile cant describe this
If only I could stay in this bliss

Six days of you
Talking for hours because we could
Pretending we had a chance
But this was only a short run dance

You say you don’t have the words
But that’s where I fail too
I tell you everything but there are no words not yet made
To tell you of my weightless heart when I look into your eyes

Six days of you
Holding you for minutes because I needed to
Pretending this would last
But this would only be
Six days at last