Pushing the Reset Button on the Philadelphia Flyers

The argument for blowing up the roster is one that’s often said out of anger, and also of inaccurate opinions about actually good players. But let’s explore the validity of pressing reset on the roster.
Many of can agree that there is ‘something’ wrong with this team. The defensive problems aren’t just home to the defencemen, it’s the forwards’ defensive play too. And what we’re seeing on the ice is a whole lot more than the absence of Niskanen; even though we do miss him dearly.
Some of the players I bring up are highly unlikely if not impossible to trade for one reason or another but we’re going to entertain the thought of blowing the team up, if we actually could.
Claude Giroux is a great player. And it’s an undeniable fact that the Flyers organization wasted his best years. He is one of the very few reasons that the team has been competitive and remotely watchable through this last decade. I will not question his ability, his leadership, or his passion for the game. But the thought of truly changing the culture and look of this team of somehow trading him is an appealing one. And if he ran with another team to the cup, I’d be rooting for him no matter what team he played for.
Jake Voracek is a great player. Similarly to Giroux, he is also one of the few reasons the Flyers have been watchable at all through this last decade. He has his haters, a lot of them in fact. But it’s pretty hot bullshit to think that he hasn’t been an effective player, and a driving force for our offence. But he is a big part of the culture and feel of this team, and switching that up through a trade or expansion draft is again, appealing.
Couturier, I would not advocate for getting rid of for any reason. He is in his prime, and he’s a true 1C. We wouldn’t get remotely even value for him. So let’s keep him.
Sanheim and Myers. This is where I might come in as a hot head. They have been at least disappointing this season, and at most, absolutely disasterous this season. When exactly are they going to play to their ability? When are they going to at minimum: okay. Trade them for someone who can play each night.
I have nothing but faith in Hart. He’s young and he’s going to figure it out. He’s not some magician who played like the best goalie in the world in juniors, played 1 & 1/2 seasons as an impressive NHL goalie to somehow over night turn to an awful goalie. He’s just going through a rough patch, and our defence isn’t doing him any favors.
JVR is a tough one. He’s having an incredible season so it’s hard to imagine wanting to trade him and get someone close to the production he is offering right now.
Keep Laughton, TK, Lindblom, Provorov, Hart, Farabee. And pretend the Gustafson contract never happened.
I think the effects of trading any combination of the players I mentioned above, would be downright exciting to see a truly new team. I think there is merit to the thought of somehow resetting this team, even if it is unlikely. It’s just that the people who want this to happen are the same assholes who say Giroux isn’t a captain and is an actual bad player, which is so asinine it’s not even funny.
I’m in support of some kind land mine in the locker room and really change things up. But it’s not because I don’t like any of these players, they are all good-great players who deserve better than what this team can apparently deliver. And as we have said and agree with, there is ‘something’ wrong with this team. Let’s blow it up.

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